For Upleveling High Ticket Service Pros

How to go from Trading “ALL YOUR TIME” for Money

to Resetting Your High-Ticket Service for

time Leverage & Sustainability in the next 10 days

Let me Simulate, Plan, and Fully Map the best Sales and Marketing System + Service Funnel for your Framework or High Ticket Offer

What is the Set Up Blueprint?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have an birds-eye view of your Online Service Set Up to meet your intentional and strategic Future Plans and Business Goals?

This Blueprint is a video guided, data-first, success plan to turn your High Ticket offer into a multi-income Service Business that leverages your time, creates ideal high-ticket clients, and accelerates your business impact.  

Today, you can take the first step towards planning a Service Business set up for the unlimited future you want using The Set Up Blueprint!

The set up Prepbook

30-day money-back Guarantee ! Love it or your money back & you can keep the plan and bonuses! 


Discover the ideal funnel for your Online Service before you waste all your time and money executing from scratch


Understand all your key metrics so all you have to do is set up and hit the numbers to get your desired results


Know your ideal customer path and guide them to your strategic offers one breadcrumb at a time as they turn into your ideal clients


Avoid costly mistakes and optimize the best funnel + SALES AND MARKETING for your sERVICE to boost income and save your time

The  Set Up blueprint is Your vISUAL Service Playbook & sUCCESS pLAN

Are you tired of trading all your time for Money with your High Ticket Service?

As a coach, consultant, designer, strategist or specialists in your field you probably have loved the High-ticket life, but are finding that keeping up with it is for the Birds!


You love your clients, but aren't loving the 1-to-1 customer care that zaps your energy and sucks your time and you need a new way to pay your bills or at least to create your escape plan from your 9-5. 

But Why do you keep staying in your comfort zone?

You want to actually know the key steps & outcomes your online service  needs to inch closer to the vision you have for your life!

You want to deeply understand & provide value to your ideal audience & magnetize them to your offer and expertise!

You want unlimited passive & high-income sales business, not just a job being a people hustler!

Stop Letting what is familiar or comfortable TRUMP your Needs and Wants!

Instead: Take time now to zone in on the best Sales Funnel for Online Service pros & set up plans for a high value business  system that attracts + educates dream clients, strategizes and optimizes your service for your business goals + dreams, and creates a business legacy so you can level up to your full potential using The Set Up Blueprint!

3 Systems + 1 Blueprint= Set Up For Success

↓Don't just take my word for it↓

Here's an Overview of What You Get

Funnel Simulation

So you can see where to focus your efforts + all the metrics 

Funnel Hack

So you can know your best marketing options and sales funnels based on your market or competitors


Housing epic bonuses to help you set up and learn more. 

Rainmaker Plan

So you can learn top strategies to make it rain in your online service 

Personalized Explainer Video

so you can understand all aspects of your Blueprint

Loom Access to Rizzy

So you can get your additional questions and concerns answered. 

Take The First Step to Set Up Your Online Business

For The Results You Want & Need!

 1: A Visual Layout & Simulation of  the best  sales funnel for your online service 

You'll  Learn where to focus your marketing  efforts + all the metrics needed to succeed  

You'll Discover the power of the Accension funnel ( or a similar model) for your Online Service 

You'll Get the full layout of your system so you can use it for reference as you build or give it to someone else to build

 2: Epic Rainmaker (Money-Maker) Plan

You'll Learn a key way to set up your marketing, sales, and funnel to skyrocket your income 

You'll Discover a simple formula grow your audience, keep them in your sales system, and create them into Ideal clients

You'll Get business system options that are easy to set up and implement

Section 3: Strategic Funnel Hack

You'll Learn how your Competitors are finding success on various platforms and how you can add your own secret sauce to their success

You'll Discover the needs and wants of your person and exactly how to speak to her in your messaging to magnetize her to your service

You'll Get a cheat sheet to the marketing that works best for your Audience and ideal cleints.

Section 4: Personalized Explainer Video 

You'll Learn how to use every aspect of your Blueprint to set up your online Service for Sucess 

You'll Discover the missing elements of your online sales success

You'll Get full access to Rizzy to ask questions about the blueprint under your video so you can squeeze out every drop of value

Included Bonuses:

Money Goal Projector

So you can see your profits ahead of time and have a tangible and profitable goal to go after for the year. 

Funnel Hacking CheatSheet

 so you can find your unique skills in your market, stand out from your competitors, and level up off of their success. 

The Set Up ToolBox

a resource gold mine of everything you need to set up/reset your business.

The 3 Rainmaker Moves

Business gems to help build an Online Service business for success for 2023 and beyond.

Access Today!

30-day money-back Guarantee ! Love it or your money back & you can keep the book and bonuses! 

↓Look,  You Have Two Choices in Front of You↓

Keep Your Current Service Bubble

😫Your time and business run by Your Clients not by you

😓Unaligned clients & unfed audience that doesn't fully value your service 

😳Not knowing the next best step for your Online Service and frozen with the planning 

🥺Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, comfort-zoning or stuck  

 Use The Blueprint to Strategically Plan Your Level Up

🥰Creating high-value clients and building an audience of fans, customers, and referrals.

😌A full layout of plays on how to set up your marketing system, sales system, and sales funnel

🤓A CEO to the numbers you need and the plan on how to achieve it 

😎Feeling confident, well-paid, and sassy about resetting your future.

Here are Your Key Characteristics

that Will make the  Blueprint

Perfect for Your Service!

You are OVER  being a slave to time, balancing your High-Ticket Service with a Safety Net Job, and only having a small impact with your amazing service and want to become the BOSS of a business that makes you tingle inside and positively impact$ your life outside. 

You want legacy with your business and don't want to turn into the 90% who fail!  Your goals  are big so you need a Service that is set up to hold every drop of the success you desire. 

You are ready to put in the werk to get what you want and have a vision and passion for serving, upleveling, and leading! 

If you said yes to all of these, we could totally be best friends! Also this Blueprint will make a huge difference in getting you closer to your desires! 🙂

It's time to set up your High-Ticket Service into a  system that creates Sustainability and Legacy! Plus with a 30-day money-back Guarantee, why pass this up?

Get The  Set Up Blueprint Today!

Plus, Get 4 Additional Bonuses Free

Access Your bonuses today! 

30-day money-back Guarantee ! Love it or your money back & you can keep the book and bonuses!

I'm here to help you set up for your come up and build an online service business for legacy and sustainability!

You shouldn't struggle trying to find ideal clients and grow your business.

You should thrive and feel confident in the next decision to make your Online Service into the business of your dream!

The Blueprint is the first step you can take to reset your current story.  I can't wait to see you on the other side!


Here's to Your Come Up,


↓A Sneak Peek of what's on the other side!↓

Don't people-hustle your next 6 months away! Instead, Set it up to serve you and your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is the Blueprint

The Blueprint is a Funnel + Business System Playbook to help you accelerate resetting your Service for more income, ideal clients, and legacy impact. Use this to guide your future business plans and to set up every part of your funnel with research and strategy from a 7 year web/funnel designer and Online Service Strategist. 

Can I only use this plan with You?

Absolutely not, you can totally set up your own systems and funnels following this blueprint or take it to your favorite funnel maker on Fiverr 🤭. I do offer funnel and system services that you will find in the Membership area that can help your accelerate your plan or even hand over to me so I can get it done faster. 

Is it really only $99 with all the bonuses?

Yes! There is no funny business just pure value! Why, might you ask? Because I want to help as many knowledgable Experts and Coaches get clarity and set up their business intentionally, so they will get committed to the process. I also want to be of service to you if you want me to build your system for you! As long as you have a Blueprint I can help you achieve it! But you need that first and then create your system with me or without me! Your choice!

What if this doesn't work for me?

Creating a system is hard and deep work, but totally possible and available to you! I provide additional Loom support for any questions and concerns you have to make as easy as possible for you to set up. My money back guarantee is also here to ease that fear, just send me an email at Support [at]

Plus, Get 4 Additional Bonuses Free

Take the 1st step to Set Your Service or skills to reach your dreams!

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Access Your Digital Copy today 

Plus, Get 4 Additional Bonuses Free


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